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Thank you for choosing our products, in order to strengthen the company's products, service, and promote the quality first, customer first oriented approach to achieve, promote enterprise quality credit system construction, the company developed products and services measures are as follows:


1,A guide customers to choose the most suitable device configuration.
2, free engineering and technical personnel on-site planning site design the best processes and programs.


1, the product of rigorous testing before leaving the factory (single test machine of not less than six hours).
2, in accordance with the contract delivery organization.


1, professional service staff assigned to the scene to guide the installation and commissioning.
2, on-site training of operators.
3, the company set up special service department, under the sales department. Service department is responsible for the company products, customers (users) collected opinions, complaint handling, maintenance and other work.
4, the company through public telephone, mail or otherwise, accept customer service consulting, the use of feedback, complaints and other matters.
5, receiving comments and complaints related to product quality, delivery research and development, design or production, technical quality department. 6, for each call, letters, visits, shall within 12 hours to give a clear solution, service personnel rushed to the scene within 48 hours of treatment.